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South Park Pinball Machine available in very clean and perfect condition. - 2019-03-01 -
Character figures: Representations of all of the major characters of the show adorn the playfield. Animated Toilet Toy : Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo hides in the large toilet at the top of the playfield. Make repeated shots to reveal him, and send your ball spinning into the open lid to begin multiball. Animated Kenny Figure : Kenny can be found at the top of the playfield, and will shuffle and react to being hit by your shots. Shoot him enough, and watch Kenny die before your eyes. 2 flippers 3 pop bumpers 2 slingshots Backbox Toppers - Additional figurines, as well as a mock sign parodying the opening warnings of the show can be seen on top of the backbox. For Interest or Inquiries/ Text Or Call: +1 (234) 265 1035 Whatsapp: +1 (234) 265 1035 email:

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Price 3599
Handling 0.00
lbs 282.00
BoxLength 52
BoxWidth 27
BoxHeight 58
Stock 0

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