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20 Magic Dragon makes pipes that are thoughtfully crafted with lifetime use in mind. Each pipe is made from start to finish with a careful attention to detail. Each dense glass water pipe has a triple pinch ice-catch and an extended downstem for easy loading. The best thing about 420 Magic Dragon pipes is their unrivaled glass thickness. A respectable 5mm borosilicate design that does not thin out anywhere on the body is hard to find and worth every cent. This classic beaker design with a heavy barrel perc in the middle will have you coughing with delight in no time. Throw some ice in it and you'll be riding a wave of luxurious high-end bong rips. Stop at our online Shop and benefit from 10% discount on all bongs, the deal gets sweeter with Free Shipping in USA,CANADA. ClICK ON THE LINK BELOW TI BUY THIS ITEM Email: Website:

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