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100 pellets Clonazolam 0.5 Mg - 2018-11-28 -
Hello People Budschemicals is reputable suppliers of, research chemicals,Pain killer{pills} and buds,and we are proud to announce the world that we have best the suppliers and delivery agent around the world.and we have branches in turkey and main office is in usa,and we offer good shipping service and also make sure our buy identity is hiden for secure of boths parties,we have been in this business for over 6 years and we have connect around the world,no matter where you are located we make sure our package reach you right at your doors or drop address,and while ordering from us you dont need to sign or offer your signature anywhere .cause all our shipment are discreet and save and if you can visit our website order directly from the website that will be great for more information visit on the details below Webesite :: Website URL :: Phone Numbers:+12564101425

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Price 300
Handling 7.00
lbs 4.00
BoxLength 4
BoxWidth 1
BoxHeight 1
Stock 8

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