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Jeep Wrangler DRL LED Daytime Running Lights car exterior light sale - 2015-11-19 -
Jeep Wrangler DRL LED Daytime Running Lights car exterior light sale Model Number: LED-2105JP Jeep Wrangler DRL Description: It is a pair of LED daytime running lights.these LED would highly increase the visibility of your car during day and night to improve driving safety. Package includes: 2x Daytime Running Light for Jeep Wrangler 2006-2015,With Turn Signal 1x DRL Digital Controller Item Specifics: Working Voltage: DC 12V Brightness: 70lm~90lm Light Color: White & Amber Color Temperature: 6000K~6700K Light Source: 24-LED DRL Lights (12 LED for main white lights, other 12 LED for signal turning light) Material: ABS + High-brightness LED Vehicle Application: Jeep Wrangler 2006-2015 only Installation & Wiring: Red wire to ACC + (Ignition wire) , black wire to battery - , yellow wire to turn signal light. Safety: LED DRL provides you with a decisive safety leap in road traffic and helps prevent 58% of accidents. Durability: Professional housing design with heat sink at the back of the lamp ensures LEDs not over heated and have longer life span. Waterproof: With reverse polarity protection and open circuit protection, 100% waterproof and shock resistant. กก Turn Signal Features: Connect turn-signal wires(yellow) to the turning lights(left and right), DRL will turn yellow and twinkle when turn on the turning light. Email:, Website:

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