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L Band UpConverter 1220 1470 MHz Out Synthesized LO EF Data 2986 - 2007-07-02 -

This is an example design of what can be done with multi-Layer RF printed circuit board design.  This particular design has 10 layers.  The systematic methodology used allows you to manage the PCB layout design in an effective manner. 

-- Lines which do not leave the sheet are "box only" and should never cross a shield boundry.

-- microstrip interconnect on layer 3 is used only for box interconnect and thus is forced never to cross one another.  ( crossed RF lines are a no-no! )

I'll be adding more about the methodology later. 

My name is Fred Rockenberger. I'm an RF designer and can consult on related projects.


Dual conversion upconverter outputs in range 1220 to 1470 MHz.  Can be modified to output in the range above or below this.

It has level control loop on the output so you can control the output power

Its first LO can be referenced to a DDS ( Direct Digital Synthesizer ) to yield subhertz frequency resolution

The image shows a board in the aluminum housing.  This housing is not included.  However that does not affect the RF integrity or operation of the assembly.

Comes with a complete circuit schematic. See:

Pages 1 thru 9

Pages 10 thru  12 with higher resolution jpegs in zip archive

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