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Replacing Electric Showerhead Inline Water heater heating element - 2014-01-11 -

Replacing the element in your shower head

Replacing the element in your shower head

We sell replacement heating elements for this shower head. Both 120 and 240 VAC heating elements are available.. Price= 9 US Dollar per element + 5 shipping no matter how many you buy.


Open the breaker to de-energize the circuit your shower head is on

1) Unscrew the spreader head and remove.

2) Bend the ground wire straight down to allow the separator to be moved away from the body.

3) Bring the separator down away from the body. Do not completely pull it off the wire.
Pull it only so far as needed to spin the separator so its out of the way for and you can see the
heating element.

4) Identify the bigger and smaller lengths of the replacement heating element.

4) Familiarize yourself with the pin positions as shown below

5) Use a pair of pliers to put terminal-a on Post-A and
likewise for b to B and c to C.

Make sure the heating element is oriented as show in the picture

or you will burn out the short part of the element.

6) Place the long part of the element against the element support as shown below.

( support does not melt as water prevents temperature rising above 212 degrees
this is one of the reasons you must always refill the body with water before energizing
the showerhead )

7) Spin the separator back around and slide up towards the body of the showerhead.

8) Bend the ground wire back into position into the center pipe exit.

9) Screw the spreader back onto the body of the showerhead being careful to place the o-ring gasket
where it belongs.

10) -Reinstall your water head.

-Set the showerhead switch to off.

-Turn on water to fill the body

-After filling set switch to on

-Re-energize the showerhead circuit

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