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ELECTRIC SHOWER HEAD w/ built in tankless WATER HEATER 120V and 220V Available - 2014-01-11 -

Replacing the element in your shower head

We sell replacement heating elements for this shower head. Both 120 and 240 VAC heating elements are available.. Price= 12 US Dollar per element + 3 USD shipping no matter how many you buy.

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Shower head with integral water heater built in. Use for space restricted and portable
applications such as boats, pool, camp facilities and RV. You can have a fully functional
hot water shower system at a fraction of the normal equipment cost and installation time
normally required. This self-contained shower system only uses electricity when operated.
The units are "on-demand" and "tankless" and therefore only need a single water source to
operate. When installed, they provide an INSTANT hot shower in three different temperature
settings set with a switch. Simpler setup than with a water heater. Less to go wrong and
easier to install and maintain. 220 volts 3200 watts min, 5400 watts maximum.
Great for installing in your cabin ! The unit will operate properly with lower water
pressures commonly found on Boats and RV's.

Installation steps Summary:

1) Remove your existing shower head.

2) Twist on your electric shower head to the existing bathroom standard
threaded pipe.

3) Install a 30A (220v version ) double pole circuit breaker to your existing breaker
box and run wires to the shower head unit. See circuit current requirements in table below.

4) Connect the power wires to the shower
head unit. It is then ready for use.

See the detailed instructions below for more details.

See also: Inline electric water heater


Carefully read the instructions of the product before effecting
its installation. Save this manual for future reference


Voltage 120 V 220 V

Watts Low 3000 W 3000 W

High 5000 W 5000 W

Current 45 A 25 A

Water pressure 10kPa 400kPa

Input Pipe 1/2 inch male standard pipe thread

Water Resistivity >1.3 ohm x cm

(resistivity means water cannot be extremely hard )


The voltage of the product corresponds to the voltage of the power line required (127 V~ or 220 V~) ( see Figure 1);

Fig 1

Verify a direct line from the breakers. Refer to the diagram of electrical distribution (see Figure 2) using wires and protection (breaker), considering the values of voltage, current.

Use a bipolar breaker for 220 V~ (phase-phase) and single-pole breaker for 127V~ and 220 V~ (phase-neutral);

Disconnect the breaker in the circuit in which the shower head will be installed before initiating the installation ( sees Figure 2).


Open the pipe and let it run enough cold water to remove any sedimentation from the pipe

The water pressure supplied to the shower head is 10-400 kPa. This corresponds to a column of water as diagrammed in figure 3. If using a water tank you can work directly from the diagram observing the water column heights.

If the plumbing does not have 1/2" thread, use an adapter.

The height of the water box must be at least 1 meter above the point of the shower head for use with cistern.

For pressure between 80 and 400 kPa (8 and 40 mca.) or water source proceeding from city water, it is necessary

to install the reducer in the water nipple input. ( see Figure 4)

Install the water connection and fill with water before making the electrical connection ,

this prevents burnout of the resistance heating element. Always repeat this operation should the product be removed.


Fix the support on the wall at a height adjusted for the reach of your hands. ( sees Figure 5) Take care not to perforate the plumbing in the wall

(If piping work is required. You can also install on existing output pipe if you already have).

To open or to close the hose head see Figure 6


Connect the leads of the product to the electric wiring, use an adequate connector such as wire nuts;

The ideal height of the junction (exit of wires) is of 1 foot above of the water exit (it see figure 7);

Use no type of plug for the installation of the product to prevent errant hands fiddling.



To prevent risks of electric shocks, connect the ground wire of the product to a grounding system.

DO NOT use the Neutral wire as a ground !

Proper grounding system insures security during the usage.

The system should be installed by a qualified professional.
A good ground is attained with metallic connecting rods in the ground, with a maximum impedance of 10 ohm (Fig.7).


After the installation the product is ready to function:
Replace the breaker in the breaker box that the product uses;

Set the Invierno (winter) or Verano (summer) button in the desired position (see Figure. 1) Winter setting heats the water more than the Summer setting;

Opening the water valve causes the product turns on automatically;

To change the temperature, close the water valve and place the selector button in the desired position;

The water temperature also can be regulated using the water valve by increasing or diminishing the outflow of the water. More water with the same heat input to it yields cooler water. Less water heated by the same power results in warmer water. The power is constant with a given setting.

Comment: For your security and greater life of the components in the product, only change the selector button with the water valve closed.


Before cleaning, it disconnect the breaker to the product.

Use a damp cloth only, abrasive cleaners can damage the product;

Problems And Solutions Refer to figure 8 for common problems with installation and their respective solutions.

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