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Tee Shirt Collaboration Project - Jeff P - Fred R - 2007-09-14 -

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Name: Scott  

Phone = 480-298-5950

Email =

Quote Details:

2.00 each to print

$30.00 screen fee for front logo - This is a one time fee.  In the future when you order another set of shirts we will use the same screen.
$30.00 screen fee for back logo - This is a one time fee.  In the future when you order another set of shirts we will use the same screen.
+ shipping cost
total = $260.00

Mentioned he can put the small graphic on the same screen as the big graphic.  This allows 2 different size shirt patterns to be available.  This is important because the shirt sizes run from XXXL down to medium boys child size.




I think that a problem with Franken fish being resized (likely with silk screening as well) is that there will probably need to be more space between the separated lines. As they are I'd expect they may blur together and loose the stylish look.
Franken-Fish Lives: I used parts and pieces from your sketches paintshopped up using your best curves......
A technical issue I ran into is that it doesn't really work very well when sized to the same size as the current logo.  I'll have to look at what it takes to work around the problem.

Here are a few more Swordies and a couple things to consider.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
"Over all perspective is a little out of kilt.  I get the feeling tail is closer than nose. While original graphic had nose closer than tail. #11 comes closest to portraying original perspective."-It's difficult to get three dimensional perspective on single line drawings. Naturally for the next set Nikki will incorperate the aspects of the various drawings you liked best. We're wondering if you might prefer more of a straight on side view like the latter photo you posted?
A- Over all perspective is a little out of kilt.  I get the feeling tail is closer than nose. While original graphic had nose closer than tail. #11 comes closest to portraying original perspective.  This is probably due to front fin placement in most versions.  The matching fishes right hand side fin being added in might help this  ( I am unsure but is worth a try )

B- I have been unable to decide if an eye would be appropriate??? What do you think?

C- I know its hard to see in the original but he has 2 front fins and a single fin in the back in the middle underside.  The photo below shows this more clearly.  Its a different variety of swordfish but with the same overall morphology.
D- the underbelly should probably be continuous in the region of the rear anterior belly fin.

The swordfish is a prize catch for both recreational and commercial fishermen.

C- I like various aspects of #6 thru #14 ... annotated drawing below:

Pick one you like, and we'll refine it. don't be shy with your critques!
1- Optimize image for white..... t-shirts will be white. 
2-  Simpler is better : thus yes if you even put in an eye it should only be a solid dot.
3- I am hoping for a very simple abstraction with so few lines that you can almost immediately count them. The following
 graphic is an example.  The lines convey a metro skyscraper landscape very well.
 This rocket makes very economical use of lines.  Its pretty much exactly the style ( I think ) I am looking for.

This is a blown up version of the swordfish with color removed.  I tried working it over myself but didn't quite get where I wanted to go.  I tried printing it out on a printer and using a black magic marker to try to internalize the curves.
I like the idea of glow in the dark ink especially on black tees. I am posting my very roughest sketches of ideas. I sketched these quickly as ideas came to me and if you don't care for any of them I can do more. If you like different things about a few I can sketch out ideas combining things you like and removing things you don't. I think #3 is too close to Sakila and in general care needs to be taken that "Swordy" (as I am calling him right now) not look dolphinish, which he does in some of the roughs. I think the eyes, if you want them would be easier to do on a small design as a dot rather than fish eyes (circle with dot), since detail is lost as images get smaller. Of course all the fonts would be done on the computer in the final stages so that it is neat and professional looking. So here's the roughs:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
 Hope you see a Swordy you like!

Possible glow in the dark inks: 

Video that covers the basics of screen printing

I consulted with a friend who did corporate communications.  He gave me some pointers that will make the job easier and the end result more effective.  The take away was that I should keep it relatively simple.  So for a start see if you can stylize / abstractify the sword fish to the same style as Sakila the Dolphin
  ..........  needs to be in this style  MySQL 

I am currently thinking to use the abstract swordfish for the left front small insignia with www.emarketbrasil  under it.  That's a relatively small and maneageable task.  If you do that first we can see if we're on the same page.

The art for the back will be bigger and therefore possibly more elaborate.  However it should not be as detailed as Nikki's masterpiece below.  Its level of details is too high for this particular task.  I like the concept of an octopus not for the things it can hold but the concept of the cephalapods flexibility and ability to use all 8 hands. That would be great but it can't be some way detailed  vision like seen on some tee shirts that you could spend a day looking at to see all the details.   The eye should quickly take in a logo and use this logo as a mneumonic for remembering the website.

I think I may be leaning towards taking the same stylized sword fish and putting a large version on the back.   It will minimize time and labor on your part.  I have a relatively short fuse as I want to get down there soon.  I'm staying in a friends spare bedroom and he's probably moving to Texas in the not so distant future.

Fred, we are steeped in shit, but just for right now. Give us a week or so, and we'll post some rough sketches, and you can tell us what you like, or what you think. We'll expect you to be very critical, as this is your baby, and you can't be too picky. You should have exactly what you want! Also, if it is alright with you, I'd like to give Nikki the info to log on here so she can jump right in.
P.S. Thanx for the links!

 SIMPLY SMASHING Work  -  this sort of spin where she takes the concrete items of her first workup and then abstracts it a little focus' the viewers mind on the concept of the dogs emoting. I'm convinced on the quality of her work.  For the website shirt art I might want to go a couple more shades even more abstract like the MySQL dolphin with its very economical use of curved lines. 
I see her signature as NO '06.  Please make sure she signs the shirt design too.  I'm trying to push the idea of user participation for future designs. This will let users know I really mean business on this point and will credit the artist.
OCTOPUS IDEA: I like any animal like subject.  There is a series of books written by O'Reilly that all have animals on them.  It caught on early in their publishing and its thematic of "code-heads" now.  Their style is a little too concrete for what I want but you get the idea of the animal theme.  No need to be so concrete as having the octopus holding anything.  Just make it look good.  Any Hindu influence where you can impute a sagacious or godlike nature ( lending personality of sort ) is a good spin.  Art that invites a person to associate themselves as a concept will tend to get remembered.
REGARDING REFERENCE TO EMARKETBRASIL.COM  =  in 2 places.   For example: Alot of T shirts have a small insignia on the front left chest.  Under that would be in small letters scaled to look appropriate under the insignia.   On the back there will be the larger graphic and a larger version of   Lettering should be plain straight and easy to read so as to perform its function. Keep them in scale to maintain the attractive nature of the art.  I hoping to make this alot of peoples favorite t shirt and get alot of press by duration of wear, not by being in their face. 
REGARDING YOU DOING THE PRINTING:  Let's just focus on the art first.  Then hopefully you two will have time to experiment with your t -shirt printing kit in the mean time.  If you have the name and number of your local guy go ahead and include next time you write here.
Regarding cottlefish called Globby:  Maybe she should be reading Scott Adams blog at   Scott Adams actually was giving public lessons to a guy in 10 installments. If her stuff is good enough you might get him to repeat the exercise. He also has some really good insight into the syndicated cartoon biz.....  Ask if she would consider to scan and place on  ?  If she sees there is a way to modify the website tool that would help the cartooning effort make sure to let me know.  Its a decision as to whether to retain all rights for herself  -OR- get exposure and maybe get a paying gig somewhere. 
Article on improvised screen printing: ( for interests sake )
AI for Game Developers
This is what Nikki Did first. The printer told us that it was too detailed for the cheap printing, so she revised it to the above.
FJR: The chin fuzz on the guy in the back makes him look a little like a beatnik. Me likey  
- We have zero experience at this. Nikki purchased a hobbyist's silk screening kit, and it's only a couple of days old, and still in the box. Long story short, at this point we are not totally confident that we could, or could not do the printing right now. It remains to be seen. We do know a guy locally who is reasonably priced. Nikki did a tee shirt for our workplace last year. The images are on disk, so I'm going to have to do some looking, but I'll be up loading the Images here soon. I'll gat back to this a.s.a.p!
My wife Nikki Does a fun cartoon about a cottlefish called Globby. About a month or so, she got very excited about designing and printing her own tee shirts. We've noticed that quirky, one color ink tees seem to be quite popular, and we felt confident we could come up with some fun tees that have potential. She has quite a few simple sketches that would be fun on a tee shirt. when I told her about your proposal, we immediately had some Ideas. If you like quirky, (quirky is eye catching, and attention getting) we thought of an octopus with out-stretched tenticles akimbo, holding products and services that one might find on your site. One step further, the octopus could be sitting on a lotus flower with his tenticles positioned Hindu god styled, with a plethora of goods and services. this is just off the top of our heads.
We have time commitments through next Monday, after that, we'll have a number of sketches to throw up on here for you!
This sounds super.  Then maybe she can print too ?   As long as I can see a sample after we do a design maybe
we can work out a deal that works for both of us on the money side.   I'll be interested in quantities that range from
100 to 1000 at a time.   I will supply the shirts as I want strict control over comfort of wear issues. ***see footnote
ART:   I need something that is desirable to Brazilians and "computer - cool " that rolls in some themes from emarketbrasil.
            For that matter if once you or her have digested the website I can back fit any additional art you can get me to like.  The
            site is pretty minimalistic on art and it will stay that way but certain critical art on hard core nurd sites has a HUGE
            branding effect........ an example is shown below:
Anyone in web based design knows MySQL  "Sakila"  ( they had a contest to name the dolphin )
I have kind of used "sakila's friend" in the form of a swordfish :
*** I'm going to make a science project out of picking the Make / Model of tee shirt.  Why is this ?  because I have noticed
there is a HUGE difference in the amount I want to wear any given tee shirt due to how comfortable a shirt is.  I have a few
gems that I found by buying a large pile from a thrift store.  Some of the tee shirts from the same pile really SUCK.  The collars
bite and itch.  The fabric is stiff and lays like dead fish on the skin and are stifling hot.  If I am going to spend significant
bucks on a promotional the shirts are going to be of the Magic Tee Shirt variety that once a person has it they are going to
want to wear it everyday.

Hi Fred,
What serendipidous timing. My wife has been very interested in tee shirt design as of late. She very recently bought some silkscreen equipment so she can get rolling. She has a note book of fun tee-shirt ideas she wants to do, I've thought of a few good ones, and we've collaberated on a couple. Long story short, we're on the case!

Hi Jeff
I need some art for a promotion tee shirt I want to distribute.  Thus the art needs to be good so the shirt gets worn and thus my website promoted.
In case you are interested here are the details
- only 1 color of ink on white tee shirt ( costs ! )
- needs to be something people want to wear....thus the art has to be something interesting.
-You can see the website by looking ... the art should relate somehow.
- I don't have a ton of cash but if its something I like I'll pay some money to say thanks. If I accomplish what I want with this later I'll come back and say thankyou in a more substantial way.
-Make sure to pitch the idea to me need to do a bunch of work on something I don't like.

I'll get the shirts and print them up. 
Let me know either way....I have to find someone interested either way.
Fred :)

Jeff Puccini

Page collaboration process notes: ( FJR ) 

1- need a lock out mechanism to prevent more than one person from editing at one time. 

2-need collaboration style selection menu on original webpage

3- email to webpage? accrete at top of page : how to handle authentication?

4- webpage to email notification - how to only send out notification ONLY after the page has been finished? Notify collaborators WHO just finished EDITING to the webpage.  Use some delay time period after last edit. Mark page with ICON that shows when one of the USERS is editing.  A link with instant messaging tool might help this.

5- collaboration USER specification list

6- request for collaboration

7- request to be invited to collaborate

8- backout procedure for major goofs : local disk copies ?

9- dis invite feature with feedback system to grade production and eliminate the malicious people

10- hierarchy system : so someone can be named team leader to have final call in stuck arbitrations




4-  should be straight and underneath the graphic.  I can add that later after we get a graphic together.
5- I like the meaty muscular strength sensed in the original graphic
In summary its good to see you took alot of stabs at it.  Internalization is occurring. See if you can incorporate some the above points in a few more stabs ?
Fred :)

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